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Booze, Dope And Fever
Bad Attitude! CD
Sideproject of FLAMING SIDEBURNS & MUTANTS members. Some of you might recognize the guys in the band: Ski Williamson and yours truly were already at that time ready to testify and save rock’n’roll with The Flaming Sideburns, whereas Don Hesus and El Toro are known as the masters of voodoo blues with instrumental Afro-garage-mambo group The Mutants. The music of Bomber was often described as “deep country” or “white man’s soul”. This still sounds very true to me. So here it is, almost six years later, both physically and spiritually raw, pure and honest to God. Bomber practised what it preached: we were relentless, and definitely at times in deep waters... and if the good Lord is willing we’ll meet you again. Sincerely, Jeffrey Lee Burns 2003 Durham,North Carolina,USA. Price: 14.90 €